Sugarhouse Media: Video Production

Tira creates three- to six-minute videos that help clients tell their stories. The videos aim to convey an idea, encourage donations, or send a message. Her client list includes corporations and non-profits: Health Law Advocates, Bournewood Hospital, Progress Software, the Progressive States Network, and the Mount Mansfield Ski Academy. 


Tristan’s Story

I produced this video for Health Law Advocates, a public interest law firm. The video was featured at its annual fundraising breakfast before an audience of 900. It highlights the struggles families face while trying to obtain mental health services for their children. The video highlights HLA’s Mental Health for Kids program.

Arney’s Story

This video was produced for a non-profit law firm to show at its annual fundraising breakfast in front of 900 potential donors.  The video shows how Andrew Cohen, an attorney for Health Law Advocates, helps a new immigrant family whose daughter is deaf in one ear. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the family won the immigration lottery and moved to the US two years ago. HLA is a public interest law firm in Massachusetts. For more information on the organization, please see HLA. 

Video stills:

Owen's Story

Lisa's health insurance problems began after she left her husband. She struggled with illness, and tried to find health insurance that would cover both her and her autistic son. Health Law Advocates helped her untangle the paperwork, made phone calls on her behalf, and ultimately helped her son see a doctor who specialized in autism. It was the first time he had been able to see an autism specialist.  

Video stills:

20th Anniversary Video, with Gov. Michael Dukakis

Michael Dukakis discusses his involvement in HLA, and three clients discuss how HLA has helped them over the years. (Stories include a little girl born without tooth enamel, a seriously disabled man with mitochondrial disorder, and a boy who developed a deformity on his chest.)

Video stills: