The Big Reveal, part of Currents New Media Festival at Center Santa Fe

"The "Big Reveal" photographers created fantastical worlds in their images as they sought out fictional narrative as the antidote to a harsh reality. Many projects faced social issues head on and documented the problems of humanity or brought light to the un-seen. For some, revealing truths meant looking inwards and expressing a personal truth through self-portraiture or collaborations with family. These projects emphasize the unique relationship between photography and the idea of ‘truth.’"

~ Juror Angie Rizzo, Exhibits & Programs Manager, CENTER

The Big Reveal: Telling Truth in an Age of Fiction projection presentation this Friday, June 7.

// When: Fri. June 7 & Sat. June 8, 8 – 10pm and June 14 and 15.
// Where: El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, East side of building, at the Santa Fe Railyard
// How: Free & Open to the Public

Participating Photographers -
Amy S. Martin, Anna Grevenitis, Arista Slater-Sandoval, Audra Osborne, Barbara Diener, Bree Lamb, Carol Allen-Storey, Cate Dingley, Chelsea Darter, Christine Carr, Christopher Sims, Clay Lipsky, Dominic Lippillo, Drew Cassidy Lenihan, Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth, Ed Kashi, Emily Yang, Erin Siegal McIntyre, Evan Perkins, Jane Whitmore, Psy.D, Jeremiah Ariaz, Jonas Fischer, Jose Ney, Kalee Appleton, Kris Davidson, Marilyn Montufar, Peter Merts, Rania Matar, Rocky McCorckle, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Shauna Frischkorn, Susan Hamilton, Tamara Reynolds, Thomas Bachand, Tira Khan, Wes Bell, and Zach Taylor.

CENTER hosts a juried and curated thematic slide show as part of the PhotoSummer offerings in Santa Fe. The slide projection takes place at a different outdoor venue every year. In 2019, Summer Slides will take place at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe as part of the CURRENTS New Media Festival.

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